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6 November 2017

Presentations and Posters from the 2017 Ramazzini Days Meeting Available for Consultation

Presentations and posters from the 2017 Ramazzini Days meeting are available for consultation online.

The conference included scientific sessions on: Environmental Epidemiology; Ongoing Experimental Studies at The Ramazzini Institute; Cancer Disparities, Occupational and Environmental Risks and Prevention Strategies; and Science, Health Regulatory Institutional Capacity, and Policies. More than 30 Fellows of the Collegium Ramazzini presented their work.

The Collegium Ramazzini was honored by the presence of special guest HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, president-elect of the Union for International Cancer Control, who delivered a keynote address on Connecting the dots: the global fight against cancer and role of carcinogens in the developing world.

As always, the presentation of the Ramazzini Award to a scientist deemed by the Collegium Ramazzini to embody the ideals of Bernardino Ramazzni, was a highlight of the weekend. The 2017 recipient, Dr. Karel Van Damme of Belgium, gave an inspiring Ramazzini Lecture entitled, "Every worker is irreplaceable: a human rights approach to occupational health".

The 2018 edition of Ramazzini Days is scheduled for October 25-28 in Carpi, Italy.

12 October 2017

Paul Blanc awarded APHA's Viseltear Prize for Outstanding Book on the History of Public Health

The Collegium Ramazzini congratulates Fellow Paul Blanc on his designation as the 2017 awardee of the American Public Health Association's prestigious Viseltear Prize for "Outstanding Book on the History of Public Health". Professor Blanc's Fake Silk: The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon was published in 2016 by Yale University Press. The award ceremony will take place at the annual national APHA meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on 7 November 2017.

20 September 2017

Death of Emeritus Fellow Prof. Nikolai Fedotovich Izmerov

The Collegium Ramazzini has just learned of the passing of Emeritus Fellow, Professor Nikolai Fedotovich Izmerov (19 December 1927-23 December 2016). Professor Izmerov was Director Emeritus of the Russian Research Institute of Occupational Health, RAMS, which he had developed into one of the leading occupational health institutes in the world. He was also a full member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Chair of the Russian National Scientific Committee on Hygiene and Occupational Diseases. At the international level, Professor Izmerov served as Assistant Director General of the World Health Organization in Geneva from 1964 to 1971. He was elected to the Collegium Ramazzini in 1983. Read more about Professor Izmerov's distinguished career in the obituary published by the International Commission for Occupational Health of which Professor Izmerov was an active member since 1977.

31 July 2017

Collegium Ramazzini Fellow Marja Sorsa discovers fossil specimen and is awarded prize for lifelong scientific career

Collegium Ramazzini Fellow and 2010 Ramazzini Award Recipient Marja Sorsa, was honored in 2017 with a prize from the NORDENSKIOLD SOCIETY in Finland.

Marja writes that this honor was not for sailing the Northeast Polar Route of the Arctic Ocean, but in recognition of a new paleontological finding of a fossil specimen of an elephant forefather Deinotherium sp., dated some 4-14 million years ago. She adds that in Finland this means a subtropical-tropical climate and two ice ages ago. The prize was also given for Sorsa's brave lifetime of scientific work.

The studies were largely based on the findings inside the bone marrow (algae, diatoms) and bone findings on earlier museum collections, for example in the British Museum of London. The scientific article, co-authored by Salonen, Saarinen, Miettinen, Hirvas, Usoltseva, Fortelius, Sorsa, was published in the US by Elsevier PPP 454 (2016 202-211) and is entitled The northernmost discovery of a Miocene proboscidean bone in Europe.

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