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Poje Gerald V.

E-mail: poje2530@verizon.net

Dr. Jerry Poje is a specialist in policies dealing with chemical hazards. Since its inception in November 1997, Dr. Poje has served as a Board Member of the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. As the Executive/Administrator he was responsible for personnel administration, conduct of work, and chairing public meetings. Dr. Poje also has represented the CSB before the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Dr. Poje served as the Board member on scene at the Kaltech reactive chemical explosion in Manhattan, NY that injured 32 in May 2002 and at the Georgia-Pacific toxic chemical incident that killed two and injured more than a dozen people near Pennington, AL in January 2002. He also served on-scene at the Sonat Exploration explosion and fire that claimed four lives near Pitkin, Louisiana in March 1998.

Under his management the CSB has executed a strategic hiring program that has staffed the agency with chemical engineering and safety experts, and a prevention and outreach effort to better meet CSB's strategic goals. That effort has resulted in completion of nine investigations, a Safety Bulletin on Management of Change, a Case Study on hydroxlamine safety, a special study on reactive hazards and the initiation of six on-going investigations. In addition, Dr. Poje organized and convened a safety board meeting on Chemical Accident Prevention Research and managed the board's efforts on reducing risks of accidents associated with Year 2000 computer problems, and more recently has organized board efforts on chemical safety and security. Dr. Poje advocates for the board's safety recommendations before state and federal regulatory agencies, trade unions, trade associations, corporations and professional organizations.

Prior to joining the Board, Dr. Poje directed international programs and public health for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, focusing on issues of disease prevention, health promotion and environmental justice. He also served on U.S. delegations to intergovernmental meetings on chemical safety and promoted the development of international information networks to enhance global understanding of chemical hazards and their risks.

Dr. Poje received his Ph.D. from New York University and served on the faculty at Miami University of Ohio. He has also served as a senior scientist for the National Wildlife Federation, and as vice president for Research at Green Seal. Dr. Poje has testified before Congress advocating improvements to public health and worker protection and safety, pollution prevention policy, Clean Air policy and regulations, chemical accident prevention, Y2K and chemical safety, and groundwater protection policies. He has lectured on chemical hazards and policies to reduce their risks in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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