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Teitelbaum Daniel T.

E-mail: toxdoc@ix.netcom.com

Daniel Thau Teitelbaum M.D., is an occupational physician and medical toxicologist in Denver, Colorado, USA. He has worked in the diagnosis and management of toxic disease in workers and the general environment for more than forty years. He has been concerned about the impact of the Rocky Flats facility in Denver since he came to Colorado in 1965. As a faculty member at the Colorado School of Mines' Department of Environmental Sciences, he has taught many of the engineers and other professionals who were and are employed at the Rocky Flats site. Among his interests are groundwater and air pollution, occupational toxic disease and workplace toxics management. He has appeared often as an expert witness in various courts on behalf of workers injured by toxic exposures in the workplace and persons in the general environment who have been exposed to toxic materials as a result of careless industrial waste disposal practices and as a result of water and air pollution. He is a Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini and serves as Treasurer of the organization.

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