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Santos-Burgoa Carlos

E-mail: csantosburgoaz@gmail.com

MD, MPH and PhD in Epidemiology, from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He is currently Senior Advisor on Human Security and Coordinator of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). He has done research on 1,3-butadiene, manganese, particulate and air toxics; he has contributed on building multisectorial solutions to complex environmental and public health situations. He was Dean of the School of Public Health of Mexico at the National Institute of Public Health as well as professor of Longitudinal Studies. Later on he was a co-founder of ISAT (Work Environment and Health Institute), professor of Epidemiology and Director of Global Health at University of Michigan. He joined Mexico's Ministry of Health as General Director for Environmental Health; as part of the Health Reform he designed the new Federal Commission for Sanitary Risk Protection. He participated in international bilateral and multilateral negotiations, specifically as Mexican Delegation Member to the Summit for Sustainable Development (2002), He contributed to the health component of the conditional cash transfer poverty alleviation program Oportunidades, the Health Services Organizational Strengthening Program, the Health Promotion Operative Model and the mitigation component of Pandemic Influenza. He was a negotiator of the Food Health Strategy (the Obesity National Policy) and supported PAHO's Urban Health position for WHO's Commission for Social Determinants on Health.
At PAHO he has passed the CD50.R16 Resolution on Health and Human Security, the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on Urban Health, coordinated the technical regional position on Non Communicable Diseases influencing the two regional and the global Ministerial meetings, he led the organization towards the first Wellness Week in NYC and other 23 cities in the region during the UNGA High Level Meeting on NCDs, he co-organized the regional consultation on Social Determinants of Health towards the Rio+20 Summit on SDH, he co-organized the preparation of the regional Ministers of Health for the Rio+20 World Conference on Sustainable development successfully repositioning health in this agenda, and most recently the Technical Reference Document on Human security and with JCIE, its Regional Meeting leading towards the guidelines for policy and implementation. His interests include global health, longitudinal methods, health surveillance, risk analysis, impact evaluation, social determinants of health and public policies.
He has advised 23 dissertations and published 123 papers. He is involved in the boards of IUHPE, GRNUHE, and UK's NICE International advisory board. He is a fellow of the National Academy of Medicine, Collegium Ramazzini; he received Hopkins' 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award.

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