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Wang Jung-Der

E-mail: jdwang@ntu.edu.tw

Dr. Jung-Der Wang obtained his medical degree from the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, and Master of Industrial Health and Doctor of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine. With the kind assistance from colleagues and students, he has documented about 17 different kinds of occupational diseases and 4 environmental diseases in Taiwan, which provided the basis for the establishment of hazard communication law and the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene in Taiwan. He extends his interests to the health risk/outcome assessment and integrates survival function with quality of life function, which leads to a common unit of quality-adjusted life year in public health decision and score-year for clinical decision. He has published 5 books in Chinese, 1 English textbook of Epidemiology, and more than 267 refereed articles, of which about 180 were on journals listed on SCI or SSCI. He once served as the Dean of College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, and the President of Taiwan Public Health Association and Taiwan Environmental and Occupational Medicine Association, and is currently on the Editorial Boards of 4 international journals. His website is: http://omih.ntu.edu.tw/JDWang/ENG/

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