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White Roberta F.

E-mail: rwhite@bu.edu

Roberta F. White, PhD, is a neuropsychologist by training. She has been particularly interested in documenting changes in central nervous system function associated with environmental and occupational exposure to industrial toxicants throughout the lifespan, from prenatal life to old age. She is also interested in behavioral neurogenetics and the interactions between genetic and environmental factors. Her work has focused on the diagnosis of solvent syndromes, lead and mercury neurotoxicity in children and adults, and various ill-defined conditions that seem to occur following intoxication from chemical exposures.

At Boston University, she is Professor of Neurology (Neuropsychology) (School of Medicine), Environmental Health (School of Public Health) and Psychology (Sargent College). She is Director of Neuropsychology and Research Director of the Boston Environmental Hazards Center at Boston Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She is also Visiting Professor of Environmental Medicine at Odense University.

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