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Lucier George W.

E-mail: glucier@earthlink.net

Dr. George W. Lucier is an environmental consultant with an emphasis on toxicology, exposure assessment, and risk assessment models that integrate diverse data sets.

Dr. Lucier retired from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in 2000 where he served as director of the Environmental Toxicology Program, associate director of the National Toxicology Program, and head of the research group on molecular toxicology and epidemiology. He also served as co-editor of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives and continues to serve as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for the regulation of hazardous air pollutants in North Carolina. This board conducts risk assessments and recommends safe exposure levels of air pollutants. Dr. Lucier is a scientific advisor to the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program, and World Health Organization and is the public health expert on the North Carolina-based Steering Committee for the development of environmentally superior technologies for handling hog waste. Dr. Lucier is a senior adjunct toxicologist with Environmental Defense.

Dr. Lucier received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland School of Agriculture in 1965. During his career he has published more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed scientific literature and chaired dozens of scientific conferences and workshops, including working groups of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, workshops on biologically-based models for human risk assessments and exposure assessment, and conferences on herbal medicines and endocrine disrupters. He played a key role on numerous advisory boards and interagency activities including chairing a White House committee charged with reaching agreement among various agencies on risk assessments for methyl mercury. His research on mechanisms of action for dioxin, hormonally active chemicals, and risk assessment models is widely recognized and has led to several awards. Dr. Lucier led much of the effort to incorporate mechanistic studies into toxicological evaluations of the National Toxicology Program including the development and validation of alternative models. He also developed processes for National Toxicology Program review that were scientifically rigorous, open, and responsive to the concerns of various stakeholders.

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