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Lucchini Roberto G.

E-mail: lucchini@med.unibs.it

Roberto Lucchini holds a Professorship in Occupational Health at the University of Brescia, Italy. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Brescia in 1987, and the residency in Occupational Health at the University of Parma, Italy, in 1991.
From 2004, he is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz, Department of Environmental Toxicology program and from 2006 holds a Visiting Professorship at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health.
His main research areas include early neurotoxic and neurobehavioral effects due to occupational and environmental exposure to manganese, mercury, lead and solvents. Has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers on various subjects related to Occupational Health and Prevention.
He was appointed as Chairman of the ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health) Scientific Committee on "Neurotoxicology and Psychophysiology" for the triennium 2006-2009.
He is a contributing editor of the scientific journals “American Journal of Industrial Medicine”, “Neurotoxicology”, “Science of Total Environment”, and “Industrial Health”.

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