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Fucic Aleksandra

E-mail: afucic@imi.hr

Dr. Fucic has 20 years of research experience in genotoxicology and biodosimetry. Her main scientific interests are genome damage of subjects occupationally or environmentally exposed to chemical and physical agents and development of animal models for genotoxicology testing of transplacental and prepubertal period. She has published over 50 original papers on genome damage caused by ionizing radiation and chemical agents. As a member of the Human Micronucleus Collaborative study for nearly 10 years she has been active in the standardization of methods applied in genotoxicology and evaluation of their predictivity value in cancer risk assessment. For the last eight years she has also worked on projects related the research of genome damage in children environmentally exposed to genotoxic agents. Within the European Environment and Health Program she is member of Implementation Group working on the transfer of scientific knowledge to legislation intended to improve the living environment. To date she has also participated as a researcher on six European projects, and ten national projects, twice as the principal researcher.

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