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Milham Samuel

E-mail: smilham2@comcast.net

Dr. Samuel Milham graduated from Albany Medical College in 1958 and interned at the USPHS hospital in Brighton Mass. He took his public health residency at the New York State Health Department, and obtained his Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1961. He was employed by the New York State Health Department in the early 1960s where his work showed that Hodgkins disease is more common in woodworkers. He also developed the first birth record based malformation surveillance system which was able to detect the phocomelia epidemic caused by thalidomide. Twin studies helped elucidate the hormonal basis of multiple births.
After a brief tour at the University of Hawaii Medical School and School of Public Health, he took his final position as chronic disease epidemiologist in 1968 at the Washington State Health Department from which he retired in 1992. In Washington, he developed a system for exploiting the parental occupational information on the birth record and the decedents' information on the death record. This system automatically codes the occupational information and is available on line at
https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/occmort/. Dr. Milham's early work demonstrated a cancer excess in electrical workers, and that childhood leukemia is related to electrification. Recent work suggests that the so-called diseases of civilization are caused by electrical exposure, not by lifestyle.
Dr. Milham has held faculty appointments at Albany Medical college, the University of Hawaii Medical School and School of Public Health, and the University of Washington School of Public Health. He was assigned medical trainees by the Centers for Disease Control. He was awarded the Robert Carl Strom Foundation Humanitarian Award in 1990 and the Ramazzini Award in 1997.

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