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Terracini Benedetto

E-mail: benedetto.terracini@fastwebnet.it

Professor Benedetto Terracini

Professor Terracini (MD, University of Torino, Italy, 1953) started his career as a human pathologist. As early as the 60s, he shifted his attention to experimental and environmental carcinogenesis. He ended his academic career (1999) as the Head of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit in the University of Torino and Regional Center for Cancer Prevention of the Region Piemonte. Since IARC's creation in 1965, he collaborated to a number of activites launched by the Agency, particularly to the Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man. In 1967, he created the Childhood Cancer Registry in Piedmont. In the 70s, he was consultant to the plaintiffs in the first trial for occupational cancers in Italian Criminal Courts (bladder cancers in the dye producing factory IPCA near Torino). Before his retirement, he launched the (currently on-going) epidemiological studies on the Eternit-caused outbreak of occupational and environmental asbestos related diseases in Casale Monferrato. More recently, he acted as consultant to Prosecutors and Judges in asbestos-related Italian Criminal Court cases. He received the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology John Goldsmith International Award in 2003 and the Ramazzini Award in 2014.

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