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Nowak Dennis

E-mail: dennis.nowak@med.uni-muenchen.de

Dennis Nowak holds degrees in medicine (1985), pulmonology (1991), allergology (1991), epidemiology (1995), occupational medicine (1995), environmental medicine (1996), and internal medicine/pulmonology (2001). He is chair of occupational, social and environmental medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University (and Technical University) Munich since 1998. He is member in 13 scientific societies, 15 Editorial Boards of journals, serves more than 15 national and international occupational and environmental health boards, and has received national and international awards.

His research involves experimental and clinical-epidemiological studies in mechanisms of occupational and environmental lung disease as well as issues on occupational psychology. He has served on a variety of national and international scientific bodies and is co-author of more than 220 medline listed articles.

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