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Budnik Lygia Therese

E-mail: LBudnik@uke.de

Lygia Therese Budnik is accomplished pathobiochemist and toxicologist having devoted much of her academic career to broad questions related to environmental health. Professor Budnik did her PhD at the Department of the Physiological Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Hamburg, Germany in 1990; 2004 she gained Venia legendi (Associate Professor/ DrSci) at the School of Medicine, University of Hamburg and 2013 became Professor at the University of Hamburg. She is a head of the Translational Toxicology and Immunology Unit at the Institute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM), University Medical Center, Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).
Professor Budnik was for several years an active GPA initiative leader (Global Plan of Action of the UN Health Council) for the transport sector within the framework of the WHO CC Collaborating Centres for Occupational Health and is still cooperating with the WHO Europe. Working together with several European colleagues is she committed to a deeper understanding of the complex issues of environment-health-interactions. Exposure to solvents, heavy metals, air pollution in living and working environment need evidence based exposure data and interdisciplinary problem-solving. She is therefore focusing on the method validation and guidelines. In her active service to the scientific community, she is a member in several national and international guideline panels and in several national and international societies. Professor Dr. Lygia Therese Budnik is currently a chair person of a multicenter EU-COST-Action: DiMoPEx (Diagnosis Monitoring and Prevention of Exposure Related Non-communicable Diseases) involving partner projects from 27 European countries.

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