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Castleman Barry

E-mail: barry.castleman@gmail.com

Barry Castleman has degrees in chemical engineering (BES) and environmental engineering (MSE) from the Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate (ScD) from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He works on the regulation of asbestos and toxic chemicals in the workplace and the environment. He has been an independent consultant since 1975, working for numerous U.S. governmental agencies, international organizations, environmental non-governmental organizations, and attorneys in compensation suits over occupational and environmental illness from asbestos. His special areas of research and activity as a public interest scientist have been: the history, regulation, and global aspects of asbestos as a public health and environmental hazard; the historic involvement of corporations and regulatory use of Threshold Limit Values as occupational exposure limits; corporate influence, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and development of guidelines in the selection of expert panels by international scientific organizations; the export of hazardous industries, products and wastes to developing countries; and the “double standards” of global corporations in the transfer of technology around the world. He is active in efforts to bring about bans on the use of new asbestos products all over the world.

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