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Englund Anders

E-mail: an.englund@telia.com

Dr. Anders Englund retired last year after serving as Director of Medical and Social Affairs for the Swedish Work Environment Authority for ten years. He is the former Executive Director of UICC (1982-84) and was predominantly involved in the health and safety issues concerning the construction industry while acting as Medical Director of the nation-wide occupational health service for the construction trades. Using a cohort of 350,000 Swedish male construction workers established by the Swedish social partners, he has recently added an epidemiological dimension to his work, focusing primarily on occupational cancer in construction workers. The end-user perspective on asbestos handling has been a special case. Dr. Englund has simultaneously served as Advisor to several countries regarding general and construction related health and safety issues. He is a Fellow and previous Board Member of Collegium Ramazzini and is a member of the ICOH.

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