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Gee David

E-mail: geedavid90@gmail.com

David has worked for over three decades on occupational and environmental risk reduction with UK Trade Unions (AUEW, TUC & GMB), with the Environmental group, Friends of the Earth, UK, where he was Director; and as a consultant. Since December 1995, he has been working for the European Environment Agency, an EU information providing body, in Copenhagen, where he is responsible for "Scientific Liaison and Emerging Issues". He is secretary to the EEA Scientific Advisory Committee. He has worked on a range of subjects, such as the risks and uncertainties arising from chemicals, radiation and asbestos; on clean production and eco-efficiency; on green taxes & ecological tax reform; and on communicating scientific complexity and uncertainty to non-specialists. He is currently working on the links between environment and health, particularly of Children; and on the practical application of the precautionary principle, following the report that he initiated/co-authored: "Late Lessons from Early Warnings: the Precautionary Principle1896-2000", (EEA, 2001).

Other recent publications include "Economic Tax Reform in Europe: Opportunities and Obstacles", chapter in "Ecotaxation" ed. T O'Riordan, 1997;"Approaches to Scientific Uncertainty" chapter in "Health at the Crossroads: Transport Policy and Urban Health", ed. by T Fletcher and A McMichael, 1997; "Chemicals in Europe: Low Doses, High Stakes?" (EEA/UNEP, 1998); "Children in their Environment: Valuable, Vulnerable and at Risk", (EEA/WHO Ministerial Conference 1999); "Late lessons from Early Warnings: Improving Science & Governance Under Uncertainty", with Andrew Stirling, in "Environmental Science & Preventive Public Policy", ed Tinkner J., Island Press, 2003.

He is a founding Fellow of Collegium Ramazzini and is married with four daughters.

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