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Huff James

E-mail: huff1@niehs.nih.gov

Dr. Huff, retired, is the former Associate Director for Chemical Carcinogenesis of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), North Carolina, USA. Before joining the National Toxicology Program to further develop and coordinate the carcinogenesis bioassay program, Dr. Huff was Chief of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monographs Program. His major research interests center on chemical carcinogenesis and their possible impact on environmental, occupational and general public health. These activities include: conducting and evaluating long term chemical carcinogenesis bioassays; exploring mechanisms of carcinogenic activity; identifying potential human carcinogens; conducting, evaluating and refining in vitro and in vivo systems to improve cancer hazard predictions and risk assessments; pursuing environmental, occupational and lifestyle causes of cancer; and examining issues and controversies in the quest to improve public health. Dr. Huff received the David P Rall Public Health Advocacy Award in 2002 from the 50,000 member American Public Health Association. Dr. Huff has published 450 scientific articles/chapters/techincal reports in the field of toxicology with emphasis on chemical carcinogenesis and occupational, environmental, and public health.

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