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Collegium Ramazzini Annual Membership Dues

The bylaws of the Collegium Ramazzini require all Fellows to pay annual membership dues be considered in good standing (Art 6). The membership year runs from November 1-October 31. Eventual arrears may be settled by selecting payments for multiple years. Emeritus Fellows are not responsible for membership fees.

Questions regarding payment status and requests for receipts should be directed to the office of the Treasurer with the General Secretariat in copy.

Payments for annual membership dues are in US dollars. The PayPal system will convert any foreign currencies automatically for Fellows located outside the United States.

Collegium Ramazzini Annual Membership Dues
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Ramazzini Days Event Registration

The conference fee is used to toward the costs of local ground transportation, hotel accommodation, conference-sponsored meals (Thursday dinner-Sunday lunch) and printed materials. The Ramazzini Days meeting is a non-profit event.

Fellows who are eligible to receive institutional support or reimbursement for their conference participation pay a registration fee of 1000 USD; those who are individually responsible for their fees pay 700 USD. The fee for spouses/guests is 300 USD; for and external participants (non-Fellows) 500 USD. Please note that external conference participants are also responsible for direct payment of hotel accommodations.

It is possible to place more than one item in the shopping cart. For example, a Fellow receiving institutional support for his or her conference participation (1000) and accompanied by a spouse (300) should therefore place two items in the cart for a total of 1300 USD. The Paypal receipt will include the line item detail of each transaction.

2018 Ramazzini Days Registration
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Donations to the Jubilee Fund

Jubilee Fund helps colleagues with financial need attend annual meetings.
Established in 2007 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Collegium Ramazzini, the Jubilee Fund is used by the General Secretariat in Bologna, Italy to assist with annual meeting expenses, especially travel and lodging for colleagues in need of financial support.
It is possible to place more than one item in the shopping cart. A Fellow wishing to donate 500 USD may first select “Padovano” for 300, add to cart, then select “Modenese” and add to cart.

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