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6 June 2016

The Asian Asbestos Initiative (AAI) recognized as WHO success story

The Asian Asbestos Initiative is an international collaborative effort to eliminate asbestos use and Asbestos-Related Disease. The project targets developing countries in Asia, but also aspires to provide a model for the world.
Collegium Ramazzini Fellow and Executive Counselor Ken Takahashi served as AAI coordinator and managed a large public grant acquired during the period 2008-2014. The grant engaged researchers, administrators and NGOS as well as UN organizations such as the WHO, ILO, UNEP (RCS) and IARC. Under Ken's leadership, AAI organized international seminars for 7 consecutive years until the funding ended.
AAI was recently recognized as one of the WHO "success-stories" of the global network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Occupational Health. AAI was included in a recent WHO publication Improving workers' health around the world: Advancing the WHO global plan of action on workers' health (see pages 15-16 and 45). The Collegium Ramazzini congratulates Ken and his team at AAI for these important achievements.

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