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19 July 2016

The Collegium Ramazzini releases its19th Statement: A New Approach to the Control of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The Collegium Ramazzini, an international academy of 180 scientists from 35 countries, experts in environmental and occupational health, has released a new Statement entitled A New Approach to the Control of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) .

COPD is a major and growing disease world-wide that is not well-recognized and is thus under-diagnosed. It is caused by exposures to a multitude of vapors, gasses, dusts and fumes known collectively as VGDF. The Collegium Ramazzini calls on the international community of occupational and environmental safety and health professionals to adopt a new paradigm towards the recognition and prevention of occupational and non-occupational exposures to VGDFs that cause COPD. Historically this community has understated the significance of VGDF exposures other than smoking. Moreover, a paradigm has been followed which addresses VGDF risk factors on an agent-by-agent basis.

In its 19th official statement, the Collegium Ramazzini proposes a new professional paradigm to reduce occupational and non-occupational VGDF exposures that cause COPD and which recognizes that in the real world most people are exposed to a mixture of VGDFs. To successfully implement the proposed paradigm, it is necessary to have in place more scientific data, better standards, and better surveillance/monitoring. The Collegium recommends a number of actions to prevent exposures to VGDFs, improve medical care for individuals with COPD, and compensate for COPD as an occupational disease.

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