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31 July 2017

Collegium Ramazzini Fellow Marja Sorsa discovers fossil specimen and is awarded prize for lifelong scientific career

Collegium Ramazzini Fellow and 2010 Ramazzini Award Recipient Marja Sorsa, was honored in 2017 with a prize from the NORDENSKIOLD SOCIETY in Finland.

Marja writes that this honor was not for sailing the Northeast Polar Route of the Arctic Ocean, but in recognition of a new paleontological finding of a fossil specimen of an elephant forefather Deinotherium sp., dated some 4-14 million years ago. She adds that in Finland this means a subtropical-tropical climate and two ice ages ago. The prize was also given for Sorsa's brave lifetime of scientific work.

The studies were largely based on the findings inside the bone marrow (algae, diatoms) and bone findings on earlier museum collections, for example in the British Museum of London. The scientific article, co-authored by Salonen, Saarinen, Miettinen, Hirvas, Usoltseva, Fortelius, Sorsa, was published in the US by Elsevier PPP 454 (2016 202-211) and is entitled The northernmost discovery of a Miocene proboscidean bone in Europe.

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