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27 February 2018

International HPV Awareness Day 4 March 2018

Fellow Pier Giorgio Natali invites Fellows and friends of the Collegium Ramazzini to take part in International HPV Awareness Day on 4 March.

This is an initiative aimed at increasing the worldwide understanding of HPV. It is also an opportunity to celebrate a landmark medical discovery, which in in the era of "omic", has not yet received due credit in the fight against cancer. The Give Love Not HPV campaign calls on everyone to take action to protect their family, friends and partners whether that is by getting informed, getting vaccinated or getting screened for HPV.

Ways to become involved:
1. Share information about International HPV Awareness Day on March 4th and links to
2. Follow @GiveLoveNotHPV on twitter, share posts with your followers and join the conversation using #GiveLoveNotHPV to highlight issues, data and priorities that are pertinent to your organization.
3. Organize an HPV learning event with your stakeholders, or organize a flashmob to raise awareness and distribute copies of our FAQs - be as creative as you like!
4. Reach out to press to talk about International HPV Day, write a blog, put an article in your regular newsletter etc. The key message is that sharing information about HPV, encouraging our loved ones to attend screening and by vaccinating our children we are giving love to the people we care about and taking steps to prevent HPV.

Questions? Comments! Mail to: events@ramazzini.it