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25 May 2007

Prenatal Programming and Toxicity (PPTOX) Conference Produces Consensus Statement

From May 20-24, 2007, researchers in the fields of environmental health, environmental chemistry, developmental biology, toxicology, epidemiology, nutrition, and paediatrics gathered at the International Conference on Fetal Programming and Developmental Toxicity, in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. The conference goal was to highlight new insights into the effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to toxicants, and their sustained effects on the individual throughout their lifespan.
The event was co-chaired by Dr. Philippe Grandjean and numerous Fellows of the Collegium Ramazzini served on the International Scientific Committee. Immediately following the conference, the committee published a consensus statement entitled “Human health effects of developmental exposure to environmental toxicants”, now available on the event website: www.pptox.dk.

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