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08 January 2008

EHP remembers Fellow Lorenzo Tomatis

The January 2008 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives contains a retrospective on the life and career of Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini Prof. Lorenzo Tomatis. Co-authors and Fellows James Huff and Ronald Melnick remember Prof. Tomatis as "a great human being, a staunch advocate for public health, a thorough and delving scientist, and a humanitarian par excellence...standing tall among other giants and trailblazers of environmental health science and public health advocacy including Cesare Maltoni, Norton Nelson, David Rall, and Irving Selikoff." Professor Tomatis passed away on September 21, 2007. Download here the full text of the article Environ Health Perspect 116:A16-17 [2008]. The photograph featured is courtesy of Prof. Tomatis' son Paolo.

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