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17 March 2010

Death of Prof. János Sugár, Emeritus member of CR from Hungary

Professor János Sugár, Emeritus member of the Collegium Ramazzini, passed away on his 88th birthday on January 27th, 2010. His teaching and research activity spanning more than 50 years in pathology departments of medical universities was particularly esteemed for his diagnostics of tumor pathology. He was head of the pathology department of the Research Institute of the National Oncology Institute from 1974 until 1992. His professional, scientific, teaching and science policy activities have been widely recognized over the years with numerous distinctions such as the Academy Prize of 1988, or the Order of the Star embellished with the Golden Wreath awarded by the Hungarian Republic. His interest focused on determination of pre-neoplastic processes, reversible and irreversible phenotypic and more recently genotypic characterization. He was the first to describe electron microscopic microinvasion preceding real invasion occurring in serious dysplastic tumors in skin, laryngeal, breast and gastroenteric pre-cancerous states.

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