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20 April 2010

Repeat Call for a Ban on Asbestos: download available

Dear Fellows,

The first Call for a Ban on Asbestos developed by the Collegium Ramazzini was published in a number of journals in 1999. Now, two decades later, we need to repeat the message with a particular urgency. "Abestos is Still With Us: Repeat Call for a Universal Ban" was written by Fellows of the Collegium Ramazzini.

If you are a journal editor, or participate on a journal editorial board, we hope that you will consider advancing the Repeat Call for publication in your journal. The attachments are in the common journal formats for text and references.

If you belong to an association concerned with occupational and environmental health, we hope that you will place the Repeat Call on your website.

Ask journal editors to contact Joe LaDou if they have any questions: joeladou@aol.com.

Questions? Comments! Mail to: events@ramazzini.it