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2 July 2010

Asbestos in the news - editorial and commentary in July EHP

The July 1st edition of Environmental Health Perspectives contains the editorial “A Repeat Call for the Banning of Asbestos” , written by Linda S. Birnbaum (Director, NIEHS) Jane C. Schroeder, Hugh A. Tilson (Editor in chief, Environmental Health Perspectives). The same issue also includes the commentary “The Case for a Global Ban on Asbestos”, written by Collegium Rammazzini Fellows Joseph LaDou, Barry Castleman, Arthur Frank, Michael Gochfeld, Morris Greenberg, James Huff, Tushar Kant Joshi, Philip J. Landrigan, Richard Lemen, Jonny Myers, Morando Soffritti, Colin L. Soskolne, Ken Takahashi, Daniel Teitelbaum, Benedetto Terracini, and Andrew Watterson.
Asbestos in the news was also picked up by Reuters and published in the Globe & Mail: "Researchers Ask Canada to Ban Asbestos".

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