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Death of Dr. Jenny Pronczuk De Garbino 20 September 2010

Dear Colleagues,

It is with deep sadness that I inform you that our colleague Dr. Jenny Pronczuk De Garbino passed away in Geneva on 20 September at the age of 63. In the words of her colleague Dr. Ruth Etzel, Jenny was a tireless champion for children’s environmental health and she inspired people around the world to take action to protect children from environmental hazards. Her infectious laugh, indefatigable spirit and superb judgement will be greatly missed.
Dr. Pronczuk De Garbino was originally from Montevideo (Uruguay), where she trained as a physician at the School of Medicine. In Uruguay Dr. Pronczuk De Garbino was appointed Head Professor of Clinical Toxicology and Director of the National Poisons Centre in Montevideo. She joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991 and worked actively to promote chemical safety, setting up poison centres and medical toxicology training.
After her retirement from WHO in June 2009 she continued her active support of the global children’s environmental health movement.
In 2008 she was recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as the International Children’s Environmental Health Champion.
She will be remembered during the Council of Fellows at the Ramazzini Days 2010.
The Family can be reached by mail at 4 Chemin de Ruisseau, 1297 Founex, Switzerland or by email at inmemoryofjenny@gmail.com.

Dr. Morando Soffritti

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