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28 September 2011

Save the Date: CR conference in Montevideo, Uruguay 22-24 March 2012

Dates have been set for the Collegium Ramazzini meeting in South America on "Environment and health in political agenda" to be held Montevideo, Uruguay from March 22-24, 2012. A preparatory symposium is also planned in Buenos Aires on March 20th. These events will be held in the name of Dr. Jenny Pronczuk De Garbino (1947-2010), Fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini, who dedicated her professional life to the prevention of child diseases in the world. The conference is made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Universidad Republica Oriental de Uruguay; Fellows Amalia Laborde (Uruguay) and Lillian Corra (Argentina) have taken a leading role in the organization and promotion of the event.

Major themes of the conference will include:
1) embryonic and fetal exposure to environmental pollutants;
2) universal issues in environmental contamination (water contaminants, pesticides, atmospheric pollutants in metropolitan areas, environmental persistent pharmaceutical pollutants);
3) "Hot issues" in occupational and environmental health today (nuclear plants, volatile chemicals, fibres, non-ionizing EMF, drug exposure of workers in clinical oncology);
4) health impact of nanomaterials (in pesticides, household products, drugs, food, etc).

The event will conclude with a roundtable on current policy governing each of these areas; a statement of recommendations will be proposed.
Additional information to follow, Fellows are asked to mark their calendars now for this important occasion.

Questions? Comments! Mail to: events@ramazzini.it