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21 April 2012

Dr. Amalia Laborde shares outcomes of Montevideo conference

Dear colleagues,

It was a great pleasure to have you all here in Montevideo for the International Conference "Environmental Health in Political Agenda". On behalf of the organizers, I send you thanks for the messages and notes of appreciation. We also want to acknowledge your kindness and professionalism that facilitated all the organizational issues. The meeting, and particularly the high level of your scientific contributions, will be a milestone in the Environmental Health knowledge and actions in South America.

Everything was definitely merit of the Collegium Ramazzini, NIEHS and OPS-OMS colleagues for their scientific contribution, financial support and convening power. We had 190 participants from Uruguay, and 40 from abroad, Argentina, Brazil, Chile ,Ecuador, Italy, Paraguay and the USA . Classical and emerging issues in environmental health were addressed in seven lectures and 32 presentations. There was a poster session with 34 regional investigations. Six manuscripts were submitted for the Jenny Pronczuk Award. The winning team was from the Universidad del Comahue, Neuquen, Argentina: M.G.Rovedatti, N. Guinazu, V Bulgaroni, G.l Alvarez, A.Cecchi , G. Chiapella, B. Vera, M Quintana, V.Guillermo Sabino, N. Quidel , S. Anderle, M.C Bertone, S.Vazquez and G.Magnarelli for their paper on "Health impact of environmental pesticides exposure of the triad Mother-Placent- Fetus and preventive actions."

The training course on Environment , Reproductive and Fetal Health had 90 participants. WHO publications on Children Environmental Health and copies of the Training Modules were distributed to the health professionals. The parallel session sponsored by PAHO-WHO about Pediatric Environmental History has promoted interest and initiatives to advance in a short questionnaire for the primary care sector.

Many exchanges of documents, books, research, educational and health practice interactions were strengthened or created thanks to this meeting. We believe that it was a great step toward more and better networking for the near future.

With warm greetings to all,

Prof Dra Amalia Laborde
Departamento de Toxicologia
Centro de Informacion y Asesoramiento Toxicologico (CIAT)
Unidad Pediatrica Ambiental
Unidad de Toxicologia Laboral y Ambiental
Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de la Republica

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