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26-29 October 2017
Carpi, Italy

Online registration will remain open from July 17 to September 17.

Abstracts for all sessions may be submitted online until 1 August using the following form.

Questions regarding registration and logistics may be directed to Conference Co-Manager Federica Scagliarini events@ramazzini.it. Questions regarding the scientific program may be sent to Kathryn Knowles collegium@ramazzini.it.





Conference check-in
Hotel Touring


Welcome dinner
Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring



Scientific Session I: Environmental Epidemiology
Chair: Pietro Comba, Italy
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

  • Health effects of air pollution: a summary of recent findings
    Francesco Forastiere, Italy download
  • Environmental health in contaminated sites: recent findings and clues for international cooperation
    Pietro Comba, Italy download
  • Drinking water contaminants and health effects: the example of exposure to lithium
    Florencia Harari, Ecuador (Sweden) download
  • Brain impacts of airborne pollutants, new evidence from human and animal studies
    Roberto Lucchini, Italy (USA) download
  • First 1000 days project for early prevention of non- communicable diseases
    Sergio Pecorelli, Italy download
  • Pollution: the largest neglected risk factor for non-communicable disease
    Philip Landrigan, USA download



Scientific Session II: Ongoing Experimental Studies at The Ramazzini Institute
Co-Chairs: Linda Birnbaum, USA and Fiorella Belpoggi, Italy
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

  • Adverse effects of glyphosate and Roundup administered at human equivalent doses to Sprague-Dawley rats
    Simona Panzacchi, Italy
  • Effects on the microbiome of glyphosate and Roundup administered at human equivalent doses in Sprague-Dawley rats
    Fabiana Manservisi, Italy
  • Aneuploidy: a common early evidence–based biomarker for carcinogens and reproductive toxicants
    Daniele Mandrioli, Italy and Melissa Perry, USA
  • First Results from the Ramazzini Institute carcinogenesis studies of cell phone radiofrequency radiation in Sprague Dawley rats
    Fiorella Belpoggi, Italy and Linda Birnbaum, USA


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring


Scientific Session III: Cancer Disparities, Occupational and Environmental Risks and Prevention Strategies
Chair: Melissa McDiarmid, USA
Discussant: Kurt Straif, France download
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

Keynote Address
Connecting the dots: the global fight against cancer and role of carcinogens in the developing world
HRH Princess Dina Mired, Jordan download
President-elect Union for International Cancer Control

  • Cancer excess as a marker of disparity: the case of occupational and environmental cancer
    Melissa McDiarmid, USA download
  • CT screening for lung cancer: an unprecedented opportunity to reduce occupational cancer mortality
    Steven Markowitz, USA
  • Low dose chest CT in asbestos-exposed workers
    Laura Welch, USA download
  • Cancer excesses in Ramazzini Institute clinical cohort
    Angela Guaragna, Italy download
  • The role of general practitioners in contrasting cancer care disparities
    Pier Giorgio Natali, Italy (Mediterranean Task force for Cancer Control dedicated to Massimo Crespi) download


Free time


Breakfast Room, Hotel Touring


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring



Council of Fellows
Town Hall of Carpi


Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring


Scientific Session IV: Work of the Fellows

Oral Presentations Part I

The preventable burden of work-related ill-health
Pierluigi Cocco, Italy download

Scientific integrity in journal publication practice for occupational and environmental health
Leslie London, South Africa download

Italian pool of asbestos workers cohorts: mortality trends of asbestos-related neoplasms
Corrado Magnani, Italy download

Ovarian cancer due to asbestos as a new occupational disease in Germany
Dennis Nowak, Germany download

Attended Poster Session

Mixed dust pneumoconiosis - not a rare disorder
Xaver Baur, Germany

Diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of exposure related non-communicable diseases: DIMOPEX project follow up
Lygia Therese Budnik, Germany and Ludwine Casteleyn, Belgium download

Exploring transcriptome and endocrine effects of glyphosate-based herbicides in early life
Jia Chen, USA

Description of morbidity and occupational risks among tanneries and factories workers in an urban slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Martins Dada, The Netherlands download

The relationship between PON1 genetic polymorphisms and the neuropsychological performance in schoolchildren
Yoram Finkelstein, Israel download

Asbestos disease in Sri Lanka
Arthur L. Frank, USA

Prevention of fatal occupational injuries in Sweden
Bengt Järvholm, Sweden download

Metal deposition in bones: understanding the metals related environmental exposures through human skeletal system deposition; constructing a surrogate measure for exposure
Ismail Nabeel, USA, Matteo Paganelli, Italy and Roberto Lucchini, Italy (USA) download

G-LO-C-AL ONE Health dimensions of aflatoxin-fumonisins impacts
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Mexico (USA) download

Methods to assess cadmium intake in biomonitoring surveys
Marco Vinceti, Italy download

Inorganic selenium exposure in drinking water and cancer incidence: a natural experiment
Marco Vinceti, Italy download

Oral Presentations Part II

2,3,7,8-TCDD Body burden and health impacts in patients 50 years after the intoxication
Daniela Pelclova, Czech Republic download

Violence at the workplace and mental strain in Ecuadorian workers
Katja Radon, Germany download

Update from IARC
Kurt Straif, France download

Gulf War illness etiologies and mechanisms: implications for patients with non-military occupational illnesses
Roberta White, USA download


Free time


Ramazzini Award and Ramazzini Lecture
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio

The 2017 Ramazzini Award will be conferred upon Karel Van Damme (Belgium) for his efforts to improve the ethical basis for screening and monitoring practices in occupational medicine and for his advocacy and efforts to improve occupational safety and health protections in Belgium and internationally.

Ramazzini Lecture
Every worker is irreplaceable: a human rights approach to occupational health


Direct departure for social dinner
Ristorante Narciso



Scientific Session V: Science, health regulatory institutional capacity, and policies: a Collegium Ramazzini Forum
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio
Co-chairs: Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Mexico (USA) and Karel VanDamme, Belgium




Advocacy Planning and Collegium Ramazzini Standing Committee Meetings
Sala delle Vedute, Palazzo dei Pio


Farewell Lunch
Ristorante La Bottiglieria, Hotel Touring

Hotel accommodations and ground transportation

Conference accommodations will be divided between the Hotel Touring and Hotel Carpi. Shuttle service from the Hotel Carpi to conference events will be provided. Hotel reservations are made by the conference organization on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not contact the hotels directly.

All participants are responsible for their own travel to Italy and are encouraged to make plans to arrive by air to Bologna or by train to Carpi. Ground transportation will be provided from the Bologna International Airport (BLQ) and from the historical center of Bologna all day on Thursday 26 October. Wednesday arrivals are invited to arrange accommodations in Bologna so as to use the conference transportation from the city center the following day. Train travelers should plan on booking a connection all the way to Carpi (trains run from Modena Centrale every 30 minutes). No transportation will be provided from the Bologna or Modena train stations.

Return travel should be planned for the afternoon of Sunday 29 October or Monday 30 October. Return ground transportation will be organized on both days from Carpi to BLQ and to the historical center of Bologna.

Online Registration and Payment Procedures

Online conference registration will remain open from 17 July to 17 September 2017. At the time of registration participants will be directed to the payments page of the Collegium Ramazzini Treasury. At this time Fellows are invited to:

1) Pay required annual membership fees in the amount of 300 USD and settle eventual arrears. Questions regarding financial standing should be directed to Treasurer James Melius at melius@nysliuna.org.

2) Pay the conference registration fee for Fellows and the spouse/guest fee if applicable.

3) Make an optional financial contribution to the Collegium Ramazzini's Jubilee Fund. Proceeds will be used to assist colleagues in need to attend annual meetings.

Fellows unable to attend Ramazzini Days 2017 may access the payments page directly to settle membership accounts and make a donation to the Jubilee fund without registering for the conference.

The Paypal e-commerce system will issue a detailed receipt for all transactions.

Questions? Comments! Mail to: events@ramazzini.it