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Ramazzini Days Abstract Submission

The Priority Topics Committee of the Collegium Ramazzini invites Fellows to submit abstracts for Scientific Session IV: Work of the Fellows Poster Session and Oral Presentations prior to 15 August using the following form. The Committee is only able to consider online submissions. Please do not send your work via email. Authors will receive an automatic summary of their submission to the email address provided in the form.

Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated prior to 30 September. Please note that the number of slots available for platform presentations is limited. Priority consideration for the "Work of the Fellows" oral presentations will be given to newly-elected Fellows and first-time attendees. All Fellows will be invited to present their work during the attended poster session and all abstracts will be published in the scientific program.


Sandra Sanderson (1); Fredrick Angler (2); Elizabeth Fritz (3)
1. University of South Bridges, City, Country
2. GreenSpaces NGO, City, Country
3. Prevention Hospital, City, Country
Dr. Sanderson is chair of the Department of Community Medicine at South Bridges where she has worked with residents in several areas to better understand and then remediate environmental hazards. 0
Yes No
Yes No


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