October 22-25 - Bologna, Italy

Environment, Work and Health in the 21st Century: Strategies and Solutions to a Global Crisis

October 22-25, 2023
Bologna, Italy

The 2023 Conference invites contributions of policymakers, scientists, and experts in different fields, from all parts of the world, to join the Fellows of the Collegium in this historic symposium. It will focus on how the intersection of policy and science addresses urgent and emerging environmental risks to human health, whether at work or in our communities, including:

  • Major Themes: Climate change and pollution: Health threats and solutions; Cancer risks and prevention opportunities; and Wars, disasters, and pandemics: Prevention and public health
  • Topics: Legacy toxic agents and emerging risks (asbestos to PFAS); Models for chemicals management; Occupational health disparities, income inequality, right to safe jobs; Pandemic/COVID-19 (duty of care for essential workers); Environmental pollutants (air, water, soil) and climate change; All hazards preparedness (extreme weather, industrial releases, infectious disease, war); Consumer products (artificial sweeteners, non-ionizing radiation, e-cigarettes).

The Conference will enhance our understanding of these challenges and the availability of information that is needed to solve them. It will result in a major publication that includes an action plan.

Attendance at the conference is open to all interested individuals and institutions, and we welcome their participation.