October 13th 2022

Newsletter Collegium Ramazzini - October 2022

Dear Fellows and Emeritus Fellows,

this is the fall newsletter from the Collegium Ramazzini. The next will follow with a recap of the annual Ramazzini Days later this month in Carpi.

Morando Soffritti recipient of 2022 Ramazzini Award
The 2022 Ramazzini Award will be conferred upon Dr. Morando Soffritti (Italy) in recognition of his many years of service to the Collegium Ramazzini, his leadership of the Ramazzini Institute, his multiple contributions to scientific understanding of chemical carcinogenesis, and his steadfast courage in the face of vicious and unrelenting attacks by the chemical manufacturing industry. The award ceremony will be held on Saturday 29 October at 6.00 p.m. at the Ramazzini Institute, Bentivoglio Castle. Following the award presentation by Carpi Mayor Alberto Bellelli, Morando will deliver the 2022 Ramazzini Lecture on “The carcinogenicity of Aspartame: the facts and the urgency for a regulatory re-evaluation".

Ramazzini Days 2022 final scientific program online
The final scientific program for the 2022 edition of Ramazzini Days may be consulted and downloaded online. Many thanks to the record-breaking number of 54 authors participating in the program. Corrections may be sent to Susannah Tillson by 17 October.

A detailed email went out directly to the participants regarding poster and panel planning. All materials for the conference (posters & videos for the poster sessions, and PowerPoint presentations for the oral sessions) should be sent via email to Conference Co-manager Veronica Passini.

Poster files that we will print here: Friday, October 21st Recorded mini videos: Monday, October 24th or with usb on site (for those IN PERSON)

Power point slides: Monday, October 24th or with usb on site (for those IN PERSON)

Ramazzini Days OCT 27-30 -registration and regrets deadline now elapsed
Registration for in-person attendance at the 2022 Ramazzini Days is now closed. But you can still register for online attendance up until Monday 17.10. Sign up online here.

If you have any additional logistical requests, please write to Conference Co-manager Veronica Passini who is coordinating all arrival and departure logistics, hotel reservations, and other fellow needs.

Kind regards from Bologna
Susannah Tillson

Collegium Ramazzini
General Secretariat




The General Secretariat of the Collegium is located in the Castle of Bentivoglio, near Bologna. For any inquiries write us a message.
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