December 19th 2022

Newsletter Collegium Ramazzini - December 2022

Dear Fellows and Emeritus Fellows,

Please read below for many important updates from the Collegium Ramazzini.
We hope this newsletter finds you safe and well, wherever you are.

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Annual membership dues are currently being collected in the amount of 300 USD. Starting this year, dues are valid from January 1 , 2023 to December 31, 2023 running a calendar year. It is also possible to pay eventual arrears in the same transaction. If you are uncertain about your financial standing with the organization, please send a note to Treasurer Mark Robson with General Secretariat Stephanie Sinclair in cc.

Note from the treasurer
There are still several Fellows who attended the meeting in Carpi and have not paid the 2022 Ramazzini Days registration fees. This can be accomplished several ways, including: PayPal (you can log in as a guest if you do not have a PayPal account), you can mail a check to me to the USA or a money transfer, or you can email me at mark.robson@rutgers.edu and I will give you the bank transfer information, that must be kept confidential to avoid getting hacked (again).

Ramazzini Days 2022 were wonderful but were also costly, we need to collect all outstanding meeting fees.

Thank you,

To address health risks in our workplaces and our communities arising from a rapidly changing global environment the Collegium Ramazzini Ramazzini Institute with the patronage of the Comune di Carpi and other co-organizers to be announced, is organizing an international conference on: “Occupational and Environmental Health in the 21st Century: Strategies for Confronting a Global Crisis.” The conference will be held in Bologna, Italy, on October 22 - 25, 2023. Registration details will be posted on the website in the new year.

Approximately 110 attendees online and in person made this past year’s Ramazzini Days a great success. Many topics were addressed in the various sessions such as the evidence of carcinogenic effects of radio frequencies, new results of epidemiological and biomonitoring studies on PFAS, hexavalent chromium, pesticides, and pollution and its effects on COVID-19 infection. Other sessions presented the prevention of disasters and emergencies in environmental and occupational fields, the issue of the effects of war on health with a particular focus on the war in Ukraine, where over 12 million Ukrainians have been forced from their homes and over 5 million have crossed borders to become refugees. As well, the Collegium experts touched upon asbestos, silicates and mines, in the poorest countries, where exposure to dangerous substances is intertwined with social issues.

The deadline for submitting nominations for membership in the Collegium Ramazzini is 15 August. Please review the nomination guidelines here.
Would you like to be considered for Emeritus membership? Fellows who have been active in the life of the Collegium Ramazzini and have now retired or transitioned to a different phase of their careers may request to transition to status. Emeritus Fellows are invited to attend annual meetings. They are no longer responsible for annual membership dues and do not vote in elections. Emeritus Fellows are not counted against the 180 active membership limit, thus allowing the Collegium to elect new colleagues. If you would like to present this request to the Executive Council, please contact Stephanie Sinclair by 15 August.

A Workgroup of the Executive Council met to review the provisions of the By Laws, which reflect outdated or limiting practices of various aspects of the Life of the Collegium. While there are many provisions requiring address, the Workgroup wanted to first focus on those which would ease the election nomination process and establish term limits, thus enlarging participation in the Executive leadership of the Collegium. The Collegium requests your participation in the vote, to formally adopt the revisions into the By Laws. This vote will arrive in the following days via Election Buddy.



The General Secretariat of the Collegium is located in the Castle of Bentivoglio, near Bologna. For any inquiries write us a message.
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